Halloween Sale

October 29 – November 1, 2015

Use coupon code TRICKORTREAT during checkout to score your free bottles of juice!

For each single bottle you purchase, we will include a second bottle of a random, surprise flavor of our choice in the same nicotine strength. There's no limit to this offer! If you order 3...5...10...however many bottles, we'll toss in the same amount of extra bottles of our choosing in the same nicotine strength(s) you order.

When using the coupon you won't see any discount applied to the order, but the coupon code will let our order fulfillment team know to include your surprise bottle(s).

Requests for specific flavors will not be honored – it's trick-or-treat, so embrace the surprise!

This offer is not valid on our Full Line Sampler but the sampler is on sale for only $60 during the promotion and includes our five signature flavors and our seasonal flavor, Sycamore. Score!